Jeep Grand Cherokee mud flaps

269.00 EUR

Jeep Grand Cherokee Splash Guards

- Tailored for Cherokee!
- Mudflaps - Mounts - Installation Guide
- High quality - MADE IN THE USA
- Made to order

Splash Guard Kit - Premium Edition!
These Cherokee splash guards are as much about style as they are about practicality! With their large wheels, Jeeps tend to kick up dirt from the asphalt, splattering it along the sides. Add slush and salt in the winter, and keeping your vehicle clean becomes a challenge. Extend the cleanliness of your car and add a rugged appearance with our mudflaps.

Matching the paint and logo color is a popular choice. It's the finishing touch on this accessory that fits as well as an original add-on.

Compatible with:
2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee *For models with original plastic fender flares
Fourth Generation. Body: WK2

2022+ Jeep Grand Cherokee
Third Generation. Body: WK
*Fits all trim levels with the same fender flares and dual exhaust.

Not Compatible with:
Uncertain fit on Laredo, Summit, High Altitude, and Limited X trim levels as they lack protruding plastic fender flares.
2012-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
2018-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk

All images depict splash guards of Original size.

The XL model is approximately 3.5cm wider and longer.

The XL model extends beyond the vehicle's fender flares.

- Four mudflaps for front and rear wheels.
- Installation accessories such as screws, washers, and mounts.
- Model-specific installation guide for Jeep Cherokee.

The mudflaps are crafted using CNC mills for a perfect fit for each car model. In most cases, you don't even need to drill a single hole, as the splash guards use original mounting points. Made from a unique blend of polymers, giving them specific properties that make them highly effective in protecting your car.

Especially the combination of extreme durability, flexibility, lightweight, and rigidity allows the splash guards to protrude from the wheel arches enough to be effective. It enables them to maintain their shape at higher speeds and block most of the tire spray. They can bend, flex, and even scrape and pull without breaking. These capabilities apply in the harshest environments, from extreme heat to extreme cold.