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Mudflaps, specially model-adapted for cars, pickups & UTVs

mudflaps.se is the market leader in vehicle-specific mudflaps. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers in the industry.

Choose a mudflap that has been specifically designed for your vehicle.

Should you buy a mudflap? We have mudflaps in PVC, Polyurethane and Kaylan, all available in a variety of colours. Some variants stand out while others are considerably more discreet — we offer all kinds of styles! Right now we have model-specific mudflaps for well over 100 vehicles and counting.

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Mudflaps improve your automobile!

We’ve made it extremely gratifying to assemble our products. You’ll quickly notice how much more stylish your car looks after it has been fitted with a tailor-made mudflap. We always ensure our products are of the highest quality. Once mounted, you’re not only protecting your vehicle — the flaps themselves will also accentuate the form and figure of your car to give it a more exclusive look.

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Easy to assemble.

It’s simple to install our model-specific mudflaps. Each piece has been manufactured to rely primarily on the car’s original attachment points. Some models require brackets but these will always be included in the kit. If you have any issues with the assembly instructions, many vehicle models also have instructional videos that will walk you through the process step by step. Plus you can always contact us if you need additional help. We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible to install our mudflaps that will keep your car clean and intact!

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What is a mudflap?

A mudflap is a specially moulded guard that has been designed to protect your car’s exterior. The most common materials for mudflaps are rubber, PVC, or Kaylan/Polyurethane. Rubber is most commonly used for trucks as it is a durable yet inexpensive material — it doesn’t have an exterior finish but it does its job well. PVC and Kaylan are similar in appearance. They are usually available in a variety of colours, often in vibrant, glossy tones, although matte black variants are always a solid choice. The biggest difference between the materials is that Kaylan can handle extreme temperatures of cold and heat better than PVC can.

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What are the benefits of splash protection?

Mudflaps are designed to protect your vehicle against splashes of mud and other harmful debris. As you drive, the wheels of your vehicle can toss up mud and dirt from the side of the road, heaving them up towards the sides of your car. Depending on the season, this debris can include road salt, gravel and clay — materials that can seriously damage your vehicle. Mudflaps prevent this from happening and, as an added bonus, they look really good mounted on your automobile.

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