About us

mudflaps.se & mudflapsshop.com

The year was 2010. The interest in both cars and motorsport, together with a problem I faced gave birth to the idea. Why should it not be possible to get model-adapted splash guards for my Evo? All that was available were cheap low quality products that did not fit. Said and done, several hours were spent finding suppliers, testing materials that fit, fit and look good! 11 years later... The company has since gradually grown to today be a leader in model-adapted splash guards for cars, pickups and equipment in Sweden.

mudflaps.se supply splash guards to all kinds of customers around Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In 2018, mudflaps.se was rebuilt. Renovated and adapted premises, new platform and better website, more suppliers for a wider range. The number of vehicle models we now offer our products for has almost doubled and we are not ready yet! We also started to offer our customers a completely new category of model-adapted splash guards, namely for Utv - ATVs. With improvements on virtually all levels and with many years of experience in the industry, we are a team that is difficult to beat.

2020 - In the end of the year we slowly opened up mudflapshop.com. Now we provide customers in the whole EU model made mudflaps! The site will be complete with all products and information throughout the year.

VAT-nr: SE831128009601

Company based in Östervåla, Sweden

Owner: Christian Söderholm

Email: [email protected]