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Mud flaps for the car - Large guide - Complete kits with high quality

A good splash guard for the car should fulfill many different functions and provide good protection for both your own and other cars. Today's modern cars do not come with the same effective splash guard as before. Nowadays, it is too much about how things look instead of them working well.

In addition, a so-called EU standard has meant that splash guards are often not included when buying new cars. The reason for this is that it is said to affect fuel consumption and thus has become part of the environmental debate. It also increases air resistance, which is considered to lead to poorer control when driving. Last but not least, many complain about a deterioration of the aesthetic impression.

In this way, it has instead been the body of the car that has taken over the job a good splash guard should do. As you understand, it can lead to devastating consequences in terms of your own car's appearance, function and value. If you have poor splash protection for the car, it can also lead to damage to other cars. Which in turn leads to a lost bonus and higher insurance premiums.

We offer model and customized splash guards of the highest quality from the world's best and most recognized manufacturers. Here we have created a great guide on splash protection for the car, where you will find out everything you need to protect your and other cars in the best way.

Therefore, you should have mud flaps on the car

  1. Actually, there are so many reasons to have splash guards on your car that you should take it for granted. We will still go further and address the absolute biggest reasons for using model-adapted splash guards.

  2. Protection against stone chips: This is about protecting kickboxes, doors, other lacquered surfaces and rear fenders against stones and gravel. In many stone shots, the body is damaged where it leads to everything from paint damage and rust attack to direct holes.
  3. Keeps the car clean: Effective splash guards also keep your car clean from dirt and mud, which can also get stuck and eventually damage your car. In addition, a damp or wet road can make your freshly washed car dirty in just a few minutes without splash guards.
  4. Maintain the value of the car: By avoiding many damages with regular repairs as a result, good splash guards can help you maintain the value of the car. The less paint damage and rust you get, the fewer repairs you have to perform.
  5. Keep your insurance premium: When you ignore the effective protection that effective and model-adapted splash guards provide, you also ignore the risk of damaging other cars. This can then lead to a higher insurance premium.

Different materials in splash guards for cars

Generally, the manufacture of splash guards in rubber or place. Here they are called splashes with another name. Most manufacturers use PVC as a material in manufacturing. That while others go a step further and use polyurethane or kaylan. Those manufacturers then deliver something we can call premium products. When choosing a splash guard made of polyurethane or kaylan, you get a more durable product, something that has proven to be a very good choice for the Nordic climate.

Some car owners prefer to make their own mudguards. However, this is not something we recommend. It requires both experience and knowledge to create a product with good function and high quality. In that case, many people use raw rubber, which means that they instead get a sloppy and loose product.

Splash guard - Three manufacturers of premium products

In this guide, we have chosen to include information on exclusive splash guards from three different manufacturers with high quality of their products. This way, you will find out three options when looking for effective and model-adapted splash guards. Our three manufacturers are:

  • Rallyflapz - British brand
  • Rokblokz - American brand
  • Rally Armor - American brand

General overview of mud flap manufacturers 

All cars look different in the wheel arches and sizes and conditions change with different types of vehicles. This makes it easier to install some splash guards, while others require more experience. In cases where more parts are needed to perform a good assembly, they are included with all our suppliers.

The three manufacturers of model-adapted splash guards we present sell what we call premium products. In other words, you can be absolutely sure that everything you need is delivered complete and together with your splash guards. Everything from screws and washers to special brackets, and of course a simple assembly instruction.

Common to all the manufacturers of model-adapted splash guards we present is that everything should be as simple as possible. This without lowering the high quality, as everyone meets the highest requirements for splash protection. In this way, they create a focus on easy installation, perfect results and long life.

As a curiosity, we can say that simpler splash guards are available in model-adapted variants directly from many car dealers. This is something we call cheap products, which are not comparable to the quality of premium products.

Rallyflapz - Model-adapted splash guards

Clearly, Rallyflapz will be one of the best choices for anyone who wants a high quality of their splash guards. Here they say themselves: "They should not flutter behind the car, but not be too hard". Something they have shown to be true regarding their product line throughout their active time.

Rallyflapz manufactures its mudguards in two different materials. The first is the perfect composition of PVC, which works perfectly for most people. In this way, you get a splash guard of high quality at a very good price.

The other material is Kaylan, which can handle both heat and cold, which provides better weather resistance. With this choice, everyone who lives in the northern part of Sweden avoids a PVC splash guard that becomes rigid and can crack at low temperatures.

Finally, Rallyflappz splash guards are available in several colors: black, matte black, white, yellow, green, red and blue. In addition, you can usually get decals at no extra cost for most car brands. With reservations for a few manufacturers who do not allow it.

A general average price for a complete set of splash guards in the kaylan from Rallyflapz is from SEK 1,795 up to SEK 2,195 (Exceptions exist where the price may be slightly lower or higher).

Rokblokz - The choice for a cleaner car

Rokblokz has been active since 2011 from Oren in the US state of Utah and they are our big winner. They only use one material in their splash guards. However, they have created a perfect material composition that easily withstands all types of weather without changing any properties.

Rokblokz also manufactures various models, where there is a more discreet model for the aesthetic appearance of sports cars. The use of its own material composition also does not flutter large splash guards. In this way, they have also gained great popularity with owners of pickups and larger vehicles.

Different sizes are also offered for a number of car models, where they cover more cars than most other manufacturers of splash guards. Here are sizes like Slimz, which is the smaller and more discreet version for sports cars. In addition, you will find normal and XL for the larger cars. Here they also offer their range in more colors than any other manufacturer.

When they themselves get the floor, they say "We do not like splash guards that flutter". We can do nothing but agree, because basically no one is doing it. At Rokblokz splash guard, it is the company logo in the form of RB that applies. It cannot be opted out, but is available in all colors. If you then choose the same color on the logo as on your splash guards, the logo will be very discreet. For a complete set of Rokblokz splash guards for ordinary cars and in normal size, the price will be SEK 1,995. For SUVs, pickups and other larger cars, the price lands at SEK 2,495.

Rokblokz - Best in test
The reason why we see Rokblokz as the winner of our three manufacturers of premium products in the genre of splash protection for cars is:

"Offers the largest range and most colors, which gives great choices to create an aesthetic impression. That in combination with the perfect composition of the material that keeps its properties in all weathers creates a winner."

Rally armor - The exclusive choice

We can say that Rallyarmor is the exclusive and more expensive version of Rallyflapz. The fact that they create high-quality splash guards cannot be hidden under the chair. The question, however, is whether the price is on par with that they would be so much better. You are probably paying more for the brand and they have launched their products as a higher status. For some car owners it feels good, while others consider it an excessive choice.

Rallyarmor is very much aimed at the trend-following younger customer base, where they have created a belief that they are the only thing that matters. Even though they have a high quality of their splash guards, have completely different names for their materials and send the products in exclusive boxes, this does not mean that they are the best. All that when you really just want good splash guards to protect your car.

In any case, you who like to be on top with the most exclusive products can get Rallyarmor with a decal in any color. The sticker cannot be removed. We give Rallyarmor a lower rating among our three manufacturers. The reason for this is only the high price and has nothing to do with a poorer quality.

With the choice of Rally armor, you get high quality splash protection. For a complete kit, the price is between 200 and 330€.