Hyundai Veloster mud flaps 2019+

199.00 EUR

  •  Made specific to fit Veloster
     Mud flaps  -  Brackets  -  Instructions

  •  Choose your logo and color

  •  Protect your car today!

Each mud flap set for the second generation Veloster comes with 4 flaps, stainless steel mounting hardware, and instructions to fit factory hole locations for the 2019+ Hyundai Veloster  including the base Veloster, the 2.0 Premium.  

May also fit the Veloster Turbo R-Spec, Veloster Turbo and the Veloster Turbo Ultimate, but has not been verified.  It does look like the N Line has a different rear bumper and our kit does not bolt directly to the mounting points...yet.

The SHORT versions are about 1" shorter for greater clearance and less scraping on lowered Velosters. 

We offer multiple color options for some customization. Flaps are available in BLACK, RED, WHITE, GREY, DEEP BLUE, BRIGHT BLUE, ORANGE, LIME GREEN, and DEEP PURPLE. Colors other than Black are considered Custom as they are made to order.

 As with all of our other kits, this was designed on this car for optimal fit, look and performance. As with the majority of our other kits, we offer this one in 2 sizes. Rokblokz created the original length to offer optimal wheel spray protection for those who like to keep more of a stock look. The original will work on lowered cars but may rub on bumps or dips so we created the Short length for those who like to add more go-fast parts and lower their car. The short will offer the same protection but is about an inch higher off the ground than the Original length to accommodate the lowered stance.  Rokblokz offers multiple flap and logo color options to allow you to create the perfect look for your car! 

Rokblokz 2019+ Hyundai Veloster Rally Mud Flaps are CNC laser cut from a proprietary material specifically designed to endure the harshest environments.  The unique blend of polymers in our mud flaps give them the specific characteristics that make them highly effective at protecting your car.

Specifically the combination of extreme durability, flexibility, light weight, and rigidity that all come together to allow the flaps to extend out from the fender's edge enough to be effective. That allow them to hold their shape at speed and block the most damaging kind of tire spray. That allow them to bend, flex, give, and even scrape and drag without breakage. That allow these things to happen in the harshest environments of extreme heat to extreme cold.

  • Large design provides your 2nd Gen Veloster with excellent protection from harsh road debris and gravel.
  • Light weight and extremely durable, designed to survive the harshest environments from the extreme heat to the extreme cold.
  • Won't crack or warp from temperature extremes.
  • Flexible but with a semi-rigid characteristic that allows them to retain their shape at speed and effectively block tire spray (we're not into flappy mud flaps).
  • EZ Install. Mount using existing OEM mounting locations.
  • Stainless Steel mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included.
  • Mud flaps and Stamped logo are available in multiple colors to match your personality.