Hyundai Ioniq5 mudflaps

369.00 EUR

  •  Bespoke mud flaps for Hyundai Ioniq 5! 
     Mudflaps  -  Brackets  -  Mounting instructions

  •  No drilling required

  •  High quality

Fitment Note  
Fits 2022-23 Hyundai Ioniq 5. No Drilling Required.

Silence the assault of rocks cratering the clear off a Hyundai Ioniq 5's paint with mud flaps that actually complement and enhance its signature ambient ride quality.

Crafted from a limber, adaptable plastic called polyURethane, Rally Armor’s material is qualitatively distinct to other mud flap alternatives. Where hard plastics crash and grate against curbs, Rally Armor flexible UR mud flaps yield. Distinguished for their unwavering resilience through glacial winters and scorching summers, high impact and chemical resistance, they deflect high tack oils, tar and corrosive salt without change to composition. Unlike other plastics and vinyls that may absorb contaminants, discolor and degrade over time, polyurethane does not.

Other pros to Rally Armor mud flaps are its drill-less mounting system and broad coverage protection. Designed to keep the Ioniq 5's innovative exterior clean and clear of damage while enriching its tranquil drive experience.