BMW M2 mud flaps

89.00 EUR

  •  Made specific for BMW M2 
     Mud flaps  -  Brackets  -  Instructions

  •  Protect your car today!

Protects your car against stones, road salt, rubble and dirt that are tossed up against the side of your vehicle. It is also a great and stylish accessory for your car. With a simple yet highly thoughtful design, our mudflaps are designed to provide a smooth and seamless experience while driving.


BMW M2, 2015 and forward.


-  Mudflaps for your cars front wheels.

-  Mounting accessories such as screws, washers and brackets.

-  Brackets powder coated black.

-  Model-specific mounting instructions for Bmw m2.

Quality mud guards for BMW: 
We offer multiple color options for some customization. Flaps are available in BLACK, RED, WHITE, GREY, BLUE.

  • Large design provides your m140i with excellent protection from harsh road debris and gravel.
  • Won’t scratch your Bmw’s paint like the OEM molded mud flaps.
  • Flaps are available in multiple colors for added flare and personalization.