Subaru Forester 2003-2008 Mudflaps

169.95 EUR

Protects your car against stones, road salt, rubble and dirt that are tossed up against the side of your vehicle. It is also a great and stylish accessory for your car. With a simple yet highly thoughtful design, our mudflaps are designed to provide a smooth and seamless experience while driving. This model-specific mudflap has been specially tailored for XXXX. The very top of the line when it comes to splash protection. Screws, brackets, mudflaps and mounting instructions are included, plus each piece has been designed specifically for your particular vehicle.

Second genereation


- Four mudflaps for both front and rear wheels

- Mounting accessories such as screws, washers and brackets

- Model-specific mounting instructions for Forester.

- Logo or not.  Sti / Wrx

Select from two different materials; in appearance and finish the two types are nearly identical, but the materials have different properties that set each one apart.

- PVC: Ideal for people who use their car every day. Although durable, the material cannot withstand more extreme temperatures of heat and cold as well as Kaylan can. There is otherwise no difference in appearance although the material is slightly softer.

- Kaylan / Polyurethane: Perfect for those who use their vehicle to the extreme. Can endure everything from intensely cold climates to the extreme heat that builds up during track racing. Of course, it also works perfectly in normal, everyday traffic.

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